BREWER OIL – Albuquerque, NM Headquarters



Brewer Oil serves 13 New Mexico communities with personal vehicle fueling and 37 convenience stores. It also serves wholesale and retail customers throughout the state with fleet vehicle fueling, bulk fuel as well as hi-tech lubricant solutions for industrial and agricultural business.


With close to 500 people on their payroll throughout New Mexico, Brewer Oil was looking for additional tools that could help with employee retention and hiring quality employees with the potential to be promoted to managerial positions. These positions included customer service representatives and grill assistants at their convenience stores.


Brewer Oil chose to incorporate skills-based hiring into their hiring process as a way to improve on their challenges. The hiring management team included Charles Gardner with the Albuquerque area Human Resources Department, and Tom Hennessy, Director of Retail Operations. The team agreed to utilize WorkKeys® skills-based assessments as an additional tool to be offered in their application hiring process.


Although skills based assessments are not required in Brewer Oil’s hiring process, they have found that 90% of their applicants choose to take them which has resulted in 72 new hires between January and June of 2014. The assessment scores have helped Brewer Oil match individuals that achieved the recommend-ed levels with positions that utilize their talents, improving employee retention. Several individuals that have been hired since Brewer Oil started using skills based hiring as an additional tool have been promoted to managerial positions.

Brewer Oil was searching for a pathway to find a larger pool of quality employees with the right skills for success in their company. According to Charles Gardner in their Albuquerque Human Resources Department, they have found the assessments to be a valuable tool they didn’t have before in narrowing down their pool of qualified applicants. The company continues to struggle with some aspects of the hiring process, but skills based hiring has helped them secure employees that are qualified and promotable.