Buckman Regional Water Treatment Plant (BDD)


The vision of the Buckman Direct Diversion Board is to provide safe, reliable and sustainable treatment of Rio Grande source water through recruitment, development and retention of expert staff, meeting and exceeding water supply and quality standards, maximizing equipment life cycle through effective maintenance management, stewardship of the environment and responsiveness to BDD customers and the public. The vision laid out by the BDD Board required a new way of doing things that would meet the business objectives of the project, optimize financial performance, and keep pace with the advanced technologies deployed at the Buckman Regional Water Treatment Plant.

Quick Stat

Employee turnover since the plant opened: 0

Results: Saving Time & Money by Avoiding Wrong Hiring Decisions

Using WorkKeys® in the hiring process for BDD was an eye-opener for Steve and others charged with getting the plant operational in a timely and effective manner. The positive impacts included:

  • WorkKeys®helped rank the candidates more objectively based on their demonstrated skills
  • Because of WorkKeys® scores, candidates were eliminated who were more than one level down on the profiled level or did not want to take the tests at all.
  • Candidates had to already have certain certifications, years of experience, as an initial screening, but WorkKeys®helped identify the right candidates beyond what was on their job application.
  • WorkKeys® provide a specific benchmark for what was an acceptable skill level for each position.
  • WorkKeys® did slow the hiring process down, but when you are hiring people, it’s not always good to be in a hurry-WorkKeys® helped manage the hiring process by using objective measures in a deliberate manner.
  • WorkKeys® provided unanticipated results-those with high WorkKeys® skills were also found to be good at general critical thinking, verbal communication, and problem solving.
  • Those below the required WorkKeys® skill levels were invited to go through training at the workforce center and given a second chance at applying for the position once they met the required skill levels-a real bonus for those who are motivated to get the job.

“There was always a temptation to second guess the WorkKeys®assessments until I saw the kind of people we were getting — after that, it solidified our decision to use WorkKeys®.” — Steve Hoffman, CDM Project Manager