Twin Stars, Ltd.


Twin Stars is a locally owned equipment maintenance and natural gas compressor leasing company. Established in Bloomfield, NM in 1991, they opened a second location in Artesia, NM, in 2011. They are a subsidiary of DJ Simmons in Farmington, NM.

Challenge: High Turnover in Maintenance Tech Position

Maria Hathcock, Human Resources Manager for DJ Simmons and Twin Stars, indicated that their past hiring practices relied mostly on a job interview and an emphasis on a background in some area of mechanical experience. She found, however, that someone might interview well, but after they were hired, were lacking other skills, like writing that was needed to do the job.”

Solution: Cognitive Skills Testing & Training

The Maintenance Technician position was profiled and WorkKeys®assessments added to the requirements for applying. Maria indicated that they learned they don’t need to require the mechanical background for the Maintenance Technician position. For example, an applicant for their new Artesia location had a background managing a gym, but his WorkKeys scores were good. They decided “we need to take a look at this guy, even though he has no background in the oil and gas industry”. The results-he has become a great employee who “learns quickly.” On the other hand, before implementing WorkKeys, they hired someone and discovered they did not have the necessary writing skills. This individual had to be let go after 90 days and a significant cost in hiring and training. WorkKeys allows Twin Stars to get new hires off the on-the-job training process and into the field much quicker, where they are on their own being a productive employee, saving the company time and money in training and time to full productivity.